Season 2021

MIDSUMMER SCENE is the southernmost English theatre festival in Europe and Season Seven – under the motto “Unmask Her Beauty to the Moon” – marks its joyous return.

As most things have been in the past year, this is an extraordinary event for us. We are proud to stage our festival indoors for the first time, at the Marin Držić Theatre, a venue that bears the name of one of the two playwrights that have marked Midsummer Scene thus far. Our last pre-pandemic edition in 2019 was headlined by Romeo & Juliet directed by Sean Aita who returns to us this year.

This season marks our new beginning where we keep close our old friends and embrace new ones. In this most difficult of years we feel incredibly fortunate and determined to return to our audiences with the programme that reinvents Midsummer Scene and brings acclaimed names such as Zdenko Bašić, who, besides exhibiting his art, created a visual identity for one of our productions; acclaimed playwright Ivor Martinić and Danijela Pintarić.

This is a time for joy. As Shakespeare penned it:

If we do meet again, we’ll smile indeed.


A Poor Player

A Misplaced Melancomedy with a Dash of Farce
by Filip Krenus and Sean Aita.

Sería una pena que se marchitaran las plantas

A play by Ivor Martinić, with Victorio D’Alessandro and Júlia Ferré.
Performed in Spanish, with Croatian titles.

Over the Rainbow

Music of Stage and Screen.
Danijela Pintarić and Darko Domitrović in concert.

Tailing the Tales of Old

Illustration and Artwork by Zdenko Bašić.