I, Who Have Hands More Innocent


About a year before her passing, Vesna Parun published a summary of her oeuvre titled I, Who Have Hands More Innocent. In the foreword of this comprehensive, asynchronous selection, Vesna asserted: “…alongside this river of language, another one – silent, unmarked, and motherly – flows from the same source and in the same direction. This river is life itself. This is myself and my destiny as a cosmic enigma, ethnic equation, bio-spiritual chaos.”

This textual ‘patchwork’ of a unique life – which unfolds on the stage from birth as an emotionally-packed, one-hour psychoanalytical séance – arose from the extensive oeuvre of Vesna Parun which, just as her life, was contained in the famous forty bags that were mostly unavailable to the (dis)interested scientific researchers, ruling structures, cultural institutions, readers and future generations poraries of common climate, same patriarchal umbrella, and mother tongue, are revealed in confessional, diary form, in first person narrative, through lesser-known autobiographic records of the poetess. When denuded in this manner, the life in this case represents a foundation to major works of poetry that do not age over generations, but rather inspire, enrich, purify and remedy time and time again.

27th June 2019 at 9:30 pm / Fort Lovrjenac

Performed in Croatian with English subtitles


“Vesna Matačić’s delivery of this vocally and physically demanding role is remarkable, as is fact that the two artistic mediums augment one another so well.”
JANE BERG, ThreeWeeksEdinburgh

“The language is strong, and it’s clear that Parun took no prisoners in her search to speak the truth about her life. Matacic is more than up to the demands of the role.”

“Go see”

“… powerfully embodied…”
The List

Grand prix – 17th International Monodrama Festival Bitola 2015


Author: Vesna Parun
Author of the drama text and performance: Vesna Tominac Matačić
Director: Ivan Leo Lemo
Producer: Tatjana Aćimović
Translation of the drama text into English: Ellen Elias Bursać
Music: Ozren K. Glaser, Zvonimir Dusper
Costume design: Dies Gaudii, Mirjana Zagorec
Stage design: Vesna Režić, Ivan Leo Lemo
Light design: Miljenko Bengez
Photography and video: Dario Hacek
Technical managers: Saša Fistrić, Tomislav Božić
Produced by: Zagreb Actors’ Atelier in collaboration with &TD Theatre, Department of Culture of the Student Centre in Zagreb
Project was supported by: City of Zagreb and Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Croatia


Tickets: 100 kn

Midsummer Scene is a project of the Dubrovnik Tourist Board and the City of Dubrovnik, and it is a joint production with Brilliant Events, Dubrovnik and Honey-tongued Theatre Productions Ltd. London