A Word from the Director

A Word from the Director  

It is always a fantastic honour to direct one of Shakespeare’s plays and particularly in this 450th anniversary of his birth it is very special indeed.

Midsummer Night’s Dream seems to have been with me for as long as I can remember. It was the first Shakespeare play I performed in when I was 15 years old and I went on to dance in two ballet’s inspired by this wonderful story.

Two things have inspired me in my concept of this production – early silent movies and the folklore surrounding Midsummer’s Day.

As I looked back over the history of the early silent moves in Hollywood I was reminded that actors came from all over Europe to be part of this pioneering industry. The moving image was magical for people around the world and the silver screen brought with it a revolution in entertainment.

We open on the 21st June – Midsummer’s Day. Of the four elements that which is particularly associated with Midsummer is fire with many of the characters displaying a fiery temperament. The play also has references to ritual magic and spells throughout so there is a dark and sometimes sinister feel to parts of this production.

In the last 18 months I have had the good fortune to have been working with both British and Croatian actors in several projects for Honey-tongued Theatre Productions. I am thrilled to be working again with both Csilla Barath Bastaić and Filip Krenus as well as some amazing British actors.

Gary Wright

Midsummer Scene is a project of the Dubrovnik Tourist Board and the City of Dubrovnik, and it is a joint production with Brilliant Events, Dubrovnik and Honey-tongued Theatre Productions Ltd. London